Infection photo

Infection is a Peruvian death metal band with influences from the thrash and deathgrind scene. To the date the group has released a six-song EP (“Nothing but Scum”) and a full-length album (“Necrokindergarden”). Since their formation, their passion for making music has not declined. On the contrary, they keep the flame of metal alive and expect to consistently deliver brutal music to the world.

The band started in 2006 when guitar player Antonio Palacios decided to partner up with vocalist Guliano Canessa. Both shared the same interest in bringing back the rawness of early death metal. Inspired by such acts as Death, Cannibal Corpse and Monstrosity, they started composing and rehearsing their own songs  . ‘It was the perfect time to brought that vicious sound back,’ stated Antonio. ‘I always wanted to be in a group that played this kind of music,” added Guliano, pointing to a pile of discs in a shelf where one can distinguish “Spiritual Healing,” “Butchered at Birth,” and “Imperial Doom.”


Drummer Yesid Aranda, whose musical taste was oriented towards thrash and black metal, joined them afterwards. ‘His playing style was precise: relentless blast beats and non-stop double bass drumming was what we were looking for,’ conceded Antonio. With the addition of bass player Yuri Cazal, the band’s sound thickened and they started performing on several venues in Lima, the capital city of Peru. They could have not anticipated the good reception and comments in each concert.


On 2009, their self-released album “Necrokindergarden” saw the light. This album included thirteen tracks of straightforward death metal plus a cover song of Monstrosity’s “Definite Inquisition.” Positive reviews and support were not only well received from the local scene, but also from foreign media. “I Choke,” one of the songs included in that production, was for instance included in the “Global Apocalypse” compilation done by British magazine “Metal Hammer.” Copies of the album were sent to magazines and blogs around the world. Reviewers noted the take-no-prisoner attitude of the music and the natural vibe of the production. ‘Peruvian death metallers Infection sent an earthquake rippling across the Andes and destroyed the lost city of the Incas in style’ wrote Rhys Stevenson, former collaborator of “Terrorizer” online magazine. ‘Infection have a major boost in the fact that they have a thick, organic sound; lacking the cold sterility of many modern death bands’ was a fragment of the review appeared on the “Spirit of Metal” French e-zine. Although flattered by these kind comments, the band continued working hard, playing live and composing new tunes in the process.


 “Acrotomophile Mutilator,” is the title of the new Infection’s CD, which will be released in 2014. Without departing from their roots, the band has incorporated a scoop of melodic and technical elements that will shine thanks to a crisp yet organic production. Mastered at “Massive Mastering” by John Scrip, it contains the right elements to grab the attention of headbangers around the world! ‘I am confident that this time we did a better job in general. We took our time to create and rehearse the new songs. We worked with better equipment in the studio and spend some time with the mixes before sending them to the mastering facility. We can’t wait to present our album to the fans and public in general,’ concluded vocalist Guliano.